Drone Maker DJI Added to U.S. Trade Blacklist

The US continues to intensify its trade war with China, and the latest addition to its trade blacklist is Chinese drone maker DJI. The company claims customers will still be able to purchase its products, but the long-term effects of the trade blacklist remain to be seen. If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger when purchasing a drone, you may want to act now.

DJI was added to the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Entity List, a list of foreign companies that U.S. companies are only allowed to do business with if they have a special license. This is the same list Huawei has been on since July 2019, making it impossible for Huawei to use Google software like Android on their phones. DJI’s inclusion on the list means that US companies cannot supply components or parts to DJI, which could affect the company’s business in the US.

According to the New York Times, DJI was added to this list along with dozens of other Chinese companies as well as some companies from other countries. The main reason companies were listed was national security concerns, as the US government previously raised concerns that Chinese companies that make hardware and apps for sale in the US could be pressured to provide data on US users passed by the Chinese government, as was the case with the stalled attempt to ban the popular TikTok app.

Another reason given by the New York Times for the US government’s listing of DJI on the Entity List was the alleged use of drone technology to facilitate human rights abuses in China, such as the use of drones to spy on ethnic minorities.

Adding it to the entity list could seriously affect DJI’s ability to sell its drones to other companies. However, individual consumers in the US can still buy their drones as before.

“DJI is disappointed with the US Department of Commerce’s decision,” the company said in a statement to The Verge. “Customers in America can still buy and use DJI products normally. DJI continues to strive to create the most innovative products in the industry that define our company and benefit the world. “

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