Cyberpunk 2077 Players Report Frustrating Game-corruption Bug

It turns out that Cyberpunk 2077 has more bugs than an insect museum, other than those in the former are alive and well, causing a myriad of problems for gamers.

Cyberpunk 2077 got off to a great start earlier this month, but it soon turned out that the role-playing game from the Polish CD Projeckt Red had numerous flaws, especially with older consoles that made it virtually unplayable on some platforms.

While the company has already made several fixes to make Cyberpunk 2077 more playable, another issue has emerged that appears to cause more frustration among those who want to play the game.

According to Eurogamer, this is the permanent corruption of backup files that can occur if they exceed 8MB.

At first it was thought that the bug affects all platforms, but recent player reports suggest that the problem affects the PC version of CyberPunk 2077 as well as Google Stadia storage.

This has yet to be confirmed by CD Project Red. So it is recommended that you keep a small number of items and craft materials on the platform you are playing on for the time being while we await more information.

The support website, owned by CD Projekt Red, posted a notice about the bug on their website. In this case the following message is displayed:

GOG said damaged memories cannot be recovered, adding, “Please use an older save file to keep playing and try to save a smaller amount of items and crafting materials. If you’ve used the error duplicating items, please load a backup file that is not affected. The size limit for saving files may be increased in a future patch, but the damaged files will remain that way. “

According to PC Gamer, the situation “probably has something to do with the game running out of index slot for manufactured items because players duplicated. [for example]a couple of thousand grenades. Or spend all your time collecting a large amount of junk and making hundreds of grenades from it. “

Whatever the reason, the company needs to solve the problem as soon as possible, otherwise the trust of even more players may be lost.

With CD Projeckt Red’s stock coming under pressure, Sony made the unprecedented decision late last week to get Cyberpunk 2077 off the PlayStation Store and offer full refunds to customers.

Digital Trends has reached out to CD Projekt Red, but says it won’t speak directly to the press before January at the earliest.

In a statement on December 14, the company apologized for the game’s disastrous start and promised to release “two major patches” in January and February.

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