Christine, Cherie, Kelly Give Best 1st Date Jewelry Wear Advice

During David Spade’s The Netflix Afterparty, hosts asked the ladies of Bling Empire about tiaras, fashion, and what jewelry to wear on a first date.

Fans can’t get enough of the glitz and glamour of Netflix’s latest reality show, Bling Empire. The show follows a group of Asian and Asian American friends who are all millionaires living it up in Los Angeles. With season 2 not announced yet, probably due to COVID restrictions, viewers who are craving more of Anna Shay’s wit or Christine Chiu’s shade can satiate themselves with updates from the cast in interviews.

The group of millionaires have no trouble affording the finer things in life, dropping more on a single piece of jewelry than most people spend on a new car. When some of the cast appeared on David Spade’s new show The Netflix Afterparty, the ladies had some surprising advice for what jewelry is best to wear on a first date.

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When host London Hughes asked the woman about what to wear on a first date, Kelly Mi Li and Christine Chiu both agreed that on a first date, less is more. The ladies agree that, even though they can afford it, wearing too much jewelry might intimidate a new date. Christine Chiu added that limiting your jewelry, “makes you weigh less.” This came after the ladies had a discussion about the glamorous tiaras they wore on the show. While admitted she has a collection of tiaras, Christine said generally she doesn’t wear them in public, keeping them as a private collection just for fun. She only wore them on Bling Empire at the insistence of producers. With her $80 million net worth and collection of couture fashion, it is no doubt a very nice tiara collection.

Cherie Chan offered her own advice about what to wear when shopping for more jewelry. She said when she is shopping, she doesn’t go to the store wearing any jewelry. She wears a very simple black dress. That allows her to focus on the new jewelry she is considering on its own without the distraction of other jewelry. Her advice was “Don’t have the jewelry wear you, but you wear the jewelry.” After having proposed to her long-time boyfriend, Jessey Lee, during season one of Bling Empire, and with no wedding date set yet, fans are hoping they will get to see her nuptials, and what bling she wears to her wedding, on a possible season two.

The Netflix Afterparty also included cast members Kevin Kreider and Kane Lim, who got in on the conversation about fashion and answered quiz questions about the prices of everyday items, like Skechers shoes and as-seen-on-TV products. Noticeably missing from the interview was fan favorite Anna Shay. The wealthiest member by far of the group of rich friends, she has an estimated net worth of $600 million from the sale of her father’s weapons business. Besides her wealth, she is known for her trademark wit.

You could tell Christine, Kelly, and Cherie were in their element talking about jewelry, something they are never seen without on the show. While hoping and waiting for a second season, at least fans can now know how and when to bling it up like the ladies of Bling Empire.

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