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Book Recommendations in the Age of the Internet

Oct 21

In the age of the internet all information is available in a single heartbeat. You would like to learn more about the climate, sure! Just google it and in a matter of a less than a second you'll have thousands of search results related to your search queries. This is obviously very powerful and one might ask themself why would I want to read a book if I can have all the possible information in the internet. 

Well, there are many reasons why you would want to read books. Often books are much more in-depth than most articles on the internet. You can also be more assured of the correctness of the information given. Remember everyone can post anything on the internet. While technically everyone can also publish a book it's much harder to get it published if the information given is not correct.

One might also ask themself where to find the best books as there are so many to choose from. I usually just go on the internet, on Google and search for the book I need.

Sometimes I also visit, they give good book recommendations

One I read a short while ago was a great book from Terry John. It described the life of a past soldier from the US. He was deployed to the US and fought in the war. It was very interesting reading about the thoughts he went through when fighting and possibly killing people. He also described how hard it was when being so far away from his family and his home in Dallas, texas.

Overall I'd recommend reading books to everyone. You can get a much more in-depth feeling from the books compared to internet articles. Also you often get distracted very much when trying to focus on the internet. This doesn't really happen with books, at least for me. Therefore I still appreciate books very much and my goal is to read more books in the future.