Best Sterling Silver Wire for Jewelry-Making and More –

Sterling silver, which is composed of 92.5% silver, is a good option for do-it-yourself jewelry. In wire form, this alloy is easy to work with, is relatively affordable, and has an elegant, high-end finish. But it can be complicated to find the right wire for your projects, as products not only come in different gauges but also varied hardness, flexibilities, and even shapes. With so many types on the market, you’ll likely find that you’ll enjoy working with and combining different kinds. Our picks below will help guide your search.

1. Beadaholique Sterling Silver Wire

This attractive wire from Beadaholique is a great all-purpose material. It is dead-soft wire made of solid sterling silver, which means it is highly malleable and can be bent into all kinds of intricate shapes with minimal effort. Yet, it holds its form well and doesn’t have a tendency to flop over time, even without support. Use it to wrap stones, weave designs, make bezels, and much more. Plus, the wire comes well packaged, with no kinks and consistent brilliance.

Beadaholique Sterling Silver Wire


2. Craft Wire 925 Sterling Silver Half-Round Wire

For wire with an interesting look, try half-round wire, which has semicircle-shaped ends. These can be twisted into some truly interesting designs. We like this option, which is also a dead-soft temper, because it comes with a lot of yardage, which is ideal for high-volume work or plain experimentation. Like Beadaholique’s product, this wire is soft enough to twist with your fingers but won’t easily break.

Craft Wire 925 Sterling Silver Half-Round Wire


3. uGems Twist Wire

With a textured, twisted surface, this wire makes for an attractive medium to make creative eye-catching forms. You can use it as a base wire to form pieces with ready-made finishes or combine it with plain wire to introduce contrast. In a soft temper, this wire can easily be shaped by hand into striking sculpted jewelry.

uGems Twist Wire


4. uGems Sterling Silver Wire

If you’re looking for a tougher wire, we like this option from uGems, which has been hardened but retains flexibility. Truly self-supportive, it holds bends and loops even under some pressure. You can use it to bend neat, tight angles or wrap it around itself to make freestanding sculpture. Durable and shiny, it is an ideal sterling silver wire to wrap objects as well as make clasps, pins, earring wires, and pins.

5. RawTreasures Sterling Silver Wire

Another great option for wire wrapping is a square wire, which features four flat sides. These are easy to line up and build upon; you can even twist them to create striking designs. We especially like this option from RawTreasures, which is a dead-soft temper that is incredibly easy to bend. It’s also very shiny, so your finished pieces, whether they be pendants or earrings, will stand out and look like top-quality artisanal work.

RawTreasures Sterling Silver Wire


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