Best mental health podcasts, books, online classes, and resources

Whether you are a key worker, a parent juggling full-time caring duties, or currently unemployed, the pandemic has likely brought significant mental health problems into your life. In addition, it can be even more difficult to survive months of isolation and political stress without our usual self-care products (like quality, spending personal time with loved ones).

Getting through a year like this is putting enough effort and pressure on ourselves to achieve major self-improvement goals during this time can lead to more burnout. But taking care of our sanity is a necessity. It’s what helps us get through everything else, even if we’ve had to redesign the way we care for our emotional wellbeing at home.

Instead of social outings or personal therapy, small, affordable, and convenient options have become good tools for boosting our sanity: going for a walk, calling friends, or challenging ourselves with an achievable task like a puzzle or a language learning app. So have distance therapy and more accessible books, classes, or podcasts about therapy or psychology.

The conditions that made life so strange and difficult in 2020 will unfortunately not go away in 2021. So I asked my colleagues to share a few things that have helped them feel better over the past year. Below are our favorites in case any of them pique your interest.

18 things that helped our mental health in 2020:

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