Best Kitchen Products With Amazon Alexa Support In 2020

Kitchen products with Amazon Alexa support
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The last thing you want to do with your hands dirty with food or wet from washing dishes is tapping a button on your smart speaker. When it comes to entertainment, don’t you find so many parties gather in the kitchen? Smart kitchen products are pretty standard these days, but the most useful are especially those that you can control by voice. They help make things easier when multitasking and make for a super cool kitchen that all of your friends and family will be the envy of all. Here are some of the best kitchen products with Alexa to make your life a little easier.

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The best multicooker you can get is the Instant Pot. With this intelligent version, you can control it remotely via a smartphone app as well as voice input with Alexa and a compatible smart speaker. Control what you cook, get status notifications on your phone and access over a thousand pre-programmed recipes.

It’s not a kitchen product per se, but it’s the perfect device for listening to music in the kitchen, watching videos while you cook, or even playing instructional video recipes. Use Alexa to control playback, including pausing or rewinding so you can keep up. You can also use it to add groceries to your list (by voice of course) and even call friends.

Pop popcorn for family movie nights, reheating leftovers, defrosting meat, or even cooking items like potatoes – all using your voice and presets with a compatible Amazon Echo device. The compact microwave has 10 levels and new Alexa presets are added all the time. Plus, Amazon Dash Replenishment lets you automatically order popcorn when you run out of breath.

$ 60 on Amazon

Air fryers are all the rage these days, allowing you to indulge in your favorite fried foods in a much healthier way – cooked with little to no oil. This particular fryer works with Alexa for voice control so you can monitor the cooking status. When you are away from home, you can also use the VeSync app on your mobile device to do the same, schedule chefs, and adjust cooking times.

  • $ 120 on Amazon

  • $ 120 at Walmart

Virtually every device that you connect to a smart plug like this, be it a multicooker, fan or coffee maker, becomes intelligent and can be remotely controlled via a smartphone app. This plug also adds voice control. Use Alexa voice commands, no hub required, to turn the attached small appliance on and off, or use the app when you are not there.

$ 23 on Amazon

Get enough light to meet all of your cooking needs. This intelligent light sits flush with the ceiling and is connected via WiFi so that you can control it by voice. It consists of a fireproof plastic shell, offers a brightness of 20 watts, is completely dimmable and can emit light in different colors depending on the mood or occasion.

$ 90 on Amazon

Chances are, your parties always move to the kitchen. Keep the ambience going with the room-filling sound from this smart speaker. It has built-in Alexa voice control so it doesn’t need to be connected to an Echo device. You get 360-degree sound with great bass, and you can control streaming playlists, volume, and more with just voice commands.

No more guessing meat and poultry with this smart thermometer that you put in the food to monitor the internal temperature. Set the target times and even get an estimate of how long the meat or poultry will have to cook and rest to reach the desired degree of doneness. Use the companion app to ask Alexa for updates for the chef.

$ 99 on Amazon

Prepare up to 12 cups of coffee in this intelligent machine and ask it to brew, change the brewing strength or turn it off with your voice. Use the Alexa app to program broth for your preferred time each morning and check for new commands that could be added over time.

$ 76 on Amazon

Beautify your kitchen and free your hands with voice

There are several reasons to use voice control in the kitchen and these are some of the best Alexa kitchen products. The first is for convenience, and when it comes to the ultimate small kitchen appliance in this regard, the Instant Pot is always at the top of my list. Aside from the practical benefits of being able to cook the food in a fraction of the time with little preparation, the Instant Pot Smart Wi-Fi model makes it very easy to get inspired. You can ask Alexa for recipes or find out where you are on the cook cycle by asking for a status update.

Often times when you cook your hands are dirty and filthy, and you don’t want to carry this over to your mobile devices, light switches and other items. That’s why I love the idea of ​​a smart speaker like the Sonos One that lets you control music playback, add items to your shopping list, answer calls from friends, and more without ever lifting a finger. The Amazon Echo Show 5 makes this possible as well and offers the additional option of displaying a recipe video on the screen so that you can follow the cooking without having to manipulate the touchscreen of a phone or tablet.

As someone who has a lot of entertainment, I love the idea of ​​simply saying, “Alexa, play the kitchen party playlist” or “Alexa, turn on the kitchen lights” to create the perfect atmosphere while I cook, wash dishes or drink wine with friends. The Taloya Smart ceiling light is a cool way not only to control the lighting by voice, but also to add color to the kitchen.

If you think about it, you are probably spending most of your time at home in your kitchen, searching for snacks, preparing meals, cleaning up, and talking to family. It makes sense to add smart products to this space, and even more sensible ones to use ones that keep your hands free to get on with other tasks.

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