Best Jewelry On Etsy; Cute and Affordable Holiday Gifts

Great news: jewelry buying season is here! The holidays are the perfect time to up the sparkle ante, whether you’re gifting that hard-to-shop-for special someone or stocking up on treat-yourself bling for yourself. These days, new and affordable accessorizing options seem to proliferate on a daily basis, but we’ve got to admit that our jewelry-shopping habits haven’t changed much in the past decade or so: after 14 years in the game, Etsy is still our go-to dot-com destination when we’re looking for that shiny something that feels unique, thoughtful, and awww-inducing. And while the site’s vintage selection is not to be missed, this time of year, we’re looking for the artisanal treasures. Luckily, the amount of handmade, small-scale goods on the site is mesmerizing and vast.

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