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Best Everyday & Performance T-Shirts To Buy

Oct 11

You're almost certain to discover a couple T-shirts in anyone's closet. T-shirts are a must-have item for everyone, and they're available from just about every apparel manufacturer — which is why we decided to sift through the apparently limitless alternatives to find the greatest ones.

You'll find everything here, whether you're looking for a flexible moisture-wicking T-shirt for working out, a comfortable T-shirt for lazing at home, or low-cost T-shirts to stock up on. Based on the various brands I've personally tested or purchased over the years, I've chosen five of the best T-shirts. You'll find recommendations for comfort, affordability, underwear, working out, and overall excellence.

It's also worth noting that, while all of the T-shirts featured here are designed for males, they can be worn by anyone. If you're not sure which size is right for you, look at each brand's sizing guide for more information. The styles below are referred to as "men's t-shirts" in the industry. The definition of a "men's t-shirt" is determined by sizing and fit. These tees are often boxier, broader, and longer than women's tees. Check out our guide to the best women's T-shirts if you're searching for something a little more fitting.


Because the T-shirt is so fundamental to casual style, you're probably already wearing one on a regular basis — almost like a uniform.

The Uniform Collection was created by Everlane to make getting ready feel more effortless. The Organic Cotton Crew Tee is one of those styles, and it's easily the greatest T-shirt on the market.

Everlane put the Organic Cotton Crew Tee through 25 wash cycles, three fading and pilling tests, and six shrinkage measurements during the design process to ensure it can survive regular usage.

The Organic Cotton Crew, like everything else in the Uniform collection, is backed by a 365-day warranty to ensure complete satisfaction. Everlane will replace it for free if it shrinks, rips, fades, or does anything else that degrades the original quality.


Rhone is one of the most well-known athleisure menswear brands, so it's no wonder they've mastered the art of the T-shirt. The business has a good assortment of performance T-shirts, some of which are tailored to certain sports such as running, but the Reign T-shirt is the greatest all-around performer.

The T-material shirt's is extremely stretchy, as well as moisture-wicking and odor-fighting, thanks to GoldFusion technology.

I only wear Rhone T-shirts to the gym, and the GoldFusion technology has proven to be successful. This is a crucial aspect for me because I can't imagine washing my exercise clothes after just one use. The shirt also has built-in UPF 50+ sun protection, so you'll be protected from the sun during your outdoor workouts and activities.

Aside from the excellent quality and fit, I like how Rhone puts quotes into its shirts. "While living, I wish to live well," says the bottom of the Reign T-hem. shirt's It's a wonderful addition for folks who are working hard to achieve their objectives and could need a little more motivation.


I wasn't expecting to have such a wonderful experience with the Brooklinen Prospect Tee when I first tried it on. To some extent, any T-shirt can be deemed comfy, so I assumed Brooklinen's would be no different. It's only a T-shirt, after all.

But as soon as I put it on, I realized I was mistaken. The Prospect Tee is incredibly soft and has a slightly relaxed fit that makes it very comfy. I first wore it around the home and subsequently to bed because Brooklinen considers it loungewear, but I've also worn it outside on several occasions. Don't let the name "loungewear" fool you into believing this T-shirt can't be worn outside of the house; it can.

According to Brooklinen, each garment goes through five quality-control checks to assure it won't warp, shrink, stretch, sag, or pill, and I've found this to be accurate. In the wash, both my Prospect Tee and the Bergen Joggers (a pair of Brooklinen lounge trousers I've previously tested) have held up beautifully. Both pieces are as soft as they were the first time I put them on.

Tommy John

In a positive way, Tommy John is unlike any other undershirt on the market. The collar never comes untucked, stays flat, and fits close to your body.

Tommy John set out on a mission to bring men's underwear into the twenty-first century. Its undershirts, in my opinion, are the best example of how it accomplishes this.

To be honest, I've given up on T-shirt-style undershirts for a long time because they're virtually always ill-fitting at the collar, the sleeves loosen, and they rarely stay tucked in. They appear shoddy, to put it bluntly.

Tommy John's undershirts, on the other hand, are the polar opposite. They're close-fitting but not too tight, long enough to be tucked in your jeans securely, and they practically disappear beneath your top layer of clothing.

During your search, you'll see that Tommy John undershirts come in two different materials: Second Skin and Cool Cotton. I've tried both and can't say which is better; it really comes down to what you value most in an undershirt, whether it's softness or breathability.

When I'm wearing formal shirts, I prefer Tommy John's undershirts over simple tank tops. They're more comfortable (essential when you're already wearing uncomfortable dress clothes), they help prevent sweat stains on the armpits, and they're less noticeable if you're wearing a white or light-colored shirt.


Carhartt T-shirts are roomy and incredibly durable, as they were designed as workwear.

T-shirts are a brand staple for Carhartt, which is one of the most renowned outdoor workwear brands. They're built to resist the rigors of hard work, but they're also versatile enough to serve as a long-lasting casual piece.

You'll get significantly more wear and washes out of any Carhartt T-shirt than you will out of other options, whether you wear it for hard labor or casually.

The brand's size selection is one of the most diverse, and the shirts are made to be roomy for a comfortable fit. It's best to go down a size or choose a slimmer T-shirt altogether if you like a more fitted T-shirt.

The majority of Carhartt's T-shirts have a left chest pocket, which is useful as well as fashionable. You'll also have a lot of color choices.

Tomorrow's Laundry

Tomorrow's Laundry is a monthly subscription package that will fill your closet with high-quality T-shirts in a variety of colors, both classic and distinctive.

Tomorrow's Laundry is a new subscription package that lets consumers fill their closets with durable, attractive T-shirts.

Despite the fact that there are less expensive solutions on the market, the quality does not disappoint. All of my shirts from Tomorrow's Laundry have been cleaned and worn several times, and they still look brand new. I haven't had any color fade, shrinkage, or pilling issues.


Uniqlo's Dry Crew Neck T-shirts are the way to go if you just need a solid T-shirt without spending a lot of money.

Uniqlo's Dry T-shirts aren't the best-made T-shirts the brand has to offer (the Uniqlo U Collection is better), but they're still necessities in my wardrobe.

I like them since they're inexpensive enough that you can get a variety of colors. You never know when you'll need a specific color T-shirt, so stock up on all of your favorites and keep them on hand.

It's worth noting that they are folded and wrapped (thus the name), so you'll need to steam them fast to remove the creases.

I've noticed fading, shrinking, and pilling after a reasonable number of wears, washes, and dry cycles using Uniqlo Dry Packaged T-shirts throughout the years, but I didn't mind. I felt like I had received my money's worth by the time they were worn out.

I'd recommend a higher-quality T-shirt if you prefer to buy a T-shirt and wear it frequently — not sparingly — but these will certainly do the job.


Cuts Clothing T-shirts are comfortable, fitting in the correct places, and come in a range of trendy hem styles and colors.

Before trying the shirts from Cuts Clothing, I had great expectations as the self-proclaimed manufacturers of "the only T-shirt worth wearing." They eventually lived up to the hype.

Cuts Apparel was founded in 2016 for men who wanted high-quality clothing that could be worn everywhere. Most T-shirts are similar, but Cuts Clothing's T-shirts have distinct characteristics that give them a distinct and enhanced feel.

The shirts are made of the brand's own custom-engineered fabric, which is as soft and supple as some of the greatest sports clothing I've tried. The shirts are distinguished by the modern shapes and colors available.

Fitted or regular; crewneck, V-neck, or henley; normal, split, rounded, or elongated hems are all options. I was able to experiment with the crewneck with each hem style, and I appreciated being able to create a variety of designs.

Cuts is noted for its current hues as well as its diverse selection of shirt styles. Basic hues like black, white, and grey are always available, but the brand also provides unique colors like Red Rum and Laurel Oak.

Cuts Clothing is an excellent alternative if you like to get dressed with a little more thought than whether your T-shirt is clean and if it matches.