Best books to read in February 2021, including Outlawed.

Hello and welcome back to the self-help group for people who read too much and have too little time.

Last month we recommended two thrillers to run to the last page and a family drama full of loud humor (you can read all about it here).

This month we have another choice for Reese’s Book Club, a locked room thriller and a thriller that will give you that serious Turpin family vibe.

Here are the three books everyone will read in February 2021:

Image: Hachette Australia.

Vox author Anna North’s Outlawed is unlike any book you’ve read before. It’s a feminist western set in 1897.

At 17, Ada’s life looks pretty good. She has just married the man she loves and she works as an apprentice midwife with her mother.

But after a year of marriage and no pregnancy, Ada has to leave everything she loves to survive in a city where barren women are often accused of being witches and being hung up.

She goes on the run and joins the notorious gang “Hole in the Wall” and their charismatic leader named Kid.

When the child works out a dangerous plan to create a better world for outcast women, Ada must decide whether she is willing to risk her own life to create a better future for other women.

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