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Would you like to expand your understanding of photography? There are plenty of resources online, but a webpage cannot be compared to flipping through a beautifully bound volume filled with shiny pages with eye-catching images. As well as educational, photography books can be transportable: they can open your mind, change your perspective, and force you to pick up your own camera. Whether you’re curious about how photographers work, find yourself in your own creative environment, or just want to see stunning photos, our picks below showcase the best books to add to your shelf.

1. The Photo Idea Book

Published by ILEX in partnership with the Tate Museum Group, this dynamic book dismantles and reinterprets the art of photography and ultimately offers lessons on how to look with fresh eyes. Each route is devoted to a small description of a work of art and an explanation of a particular concept with which it was created. These include perspective, multiple exposure, glitches, collages, and scanning. Together, these pages offer an exploration of interesting photographic processes and shed light on dozens of exciting photographers at work today.

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The photography idea book

$ 14.99

2. The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to Artistic Expression

The technical side of photography can be difficult to master, but it can be even more difficult to develop your own artistic voice. In this rhapsodic text, photographer Bruce Barnbaum examines approaches to image creation and writes about why great photos work, how color and composition contribute to emotion, and how a single moment can be interpreted in limitless ways. There is some practical advice on how to print movies and showcase your picture. However, this is primarily a guide to help you use your technical skills for maximum creativity.

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The Art of Photography: A Personal Approach to …

$ 28.99

3. BetterPhoto Basics

This is an excellent technical book designed to demystify the often overwhelming world of photography. Perfect for beginners, covers common camera controls. explains basic concepts of aperture, shutter speed and focal length; and offers tips on focus, lighting, and composition. There are also hands-on study assignments as well as sections with more advanced instructions, which makes this book a great book to expand your skills as you continue your photographic journey. There are also plenty of inspirational photos out there to help you understand how all these techniques can come together, not just in the process of shooting, but also in post-production.

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BetterPhoto Basics

$ 19.19

4. Photographers in Photography: How the Masters See, Think and Shoot

If you want to learn from the best, read this guide which highlights the approaches taken by professionals. It contains interviews, pictures and quotes from photographers like Dorothea Lange, Saul Leiter and Wendy Red Star, who examine their ideas, concerns, motives and methods. Whether you are into commercial work, photojournalism, or conceptual art, you will understand the artistic process better – and get inspiration for your own practice.

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Photographers on photography: like the masters …

$ 19.99

5. Exceptional everyday photography

The driving force of this book is the concept that beauty is all around us, that you don’t have to travel to dark or exotic places to get “the shot”. Authors Brenda Tharp and Jed Manwaring offer engaging lessons with titles such as “Practice Seeing Daily” and “Photographing at Dusk” to urge readers to re-see the familiar. Using clear language, they describe how unexpected pleasures can be found by approaching, focusing on details and creating abstract views. They also provide exercises to help you apply what you have learned to your own environment.

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Exceptional everyday photography

$ 22.69

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