Apple’s Face ID May Not Make it to New iMac for 2021

It has long been rumored that Apple is working to bring its Face ID authentication system to the Mac. However, it seems that this change won’t happen in 2021. Originally rumored to be part of the 2021 iMac update – with narrower bezels, a transition to Apple’s internal silicon instead of Intel processors, and removal of the infamous chin in desktop design – new reports suggest Face ID is in this year may not be ready in time.

Instead, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reported that Face ID will likely appear on the second generation iMac with Apple silicon, which could suggest that the desktop will receive biometric technology in 2022. The Face ID facial authentication system was first introduced a few years ago when Apple replaced Touch ID on the redesigned iPhone X.

With no Face ID and no built-in Touch ID fingerprint sensor, which like the MacBook Pro is included in the company’s line of notebooks, Mac users who want to buy an iMac this year will still have to rely on entering a password, to log in to their desktop, authenticate apps, and visit websites.

A great refreshment is coming

It has been rumored that Apple is working on a major update to its consumer desktop for 2021 that will include new silicon under the hood and a radical design change that will make it more modern. Like the recently released iPad and iPhone models, the iMac is slated to get a new flatter and angular aesthetic, meaning the bulbous back is dropped in favor of a look not dissimilar to that of the company’s pricey Pro Display XDR.

And while this hasn’t been confirmed, it has been reported earlier that Apple will also cut off the giant chin of the current iMac for a more consistent look with slimmer screen bezels. One of the iMac models will have a 23- or 24-inch display, replacing either the 21.5- or 27-inch models currently on the market.

It is still unclear which version of Apple’s silicon model will hit the desktop. Apple’s M1 – which now runs on the Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro – is a candidate, but some recent reports suggest that Apple may begin moving to an M2 processor. It is also rumored that Apple is working on improved graphics capabilities for its silicon and may launch a new chip with up to 16 or 32 graphics cores that would help the company cater to creatives as it continues to move away from Intel Processors and GPUs that are manufactured by AMD stand out on current systems.

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