Apple to Launch a Half-Sized Mac Pro and Redesigned iMac

A new report claims the company is working on some radical redesigns of its popular desktops to match Apple’s continued introduction of Apple’s M-series chips. This includes both a new iMac and not one, but two different Mac Pro models.

The first is the smaller one. It will be a direct successor to the Intel Pro Mac and, surprisingly, will continue to use Intel’s silicon. If so, it likely explains why AMD CEO Lisa Su was bullish at CES despite Apple’s looming transition to its own silicon.

“We expect more specialization in the next few years that will allow for greater differentiation,” Su told reporters. “However, Apple continues to work with us as a graphics partner. And we work with them. “

Current Intel-based Mac pros rely on AMD’s Radeon graphics. That partnership will likely continue when Apple actually releases an updated Intel-based Mac Pro this year. The updated Mac Pro will likely feature the same cheese grater design as the current model.

This second model is a little more interesting. Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman says it could look like a “modern Power Mac G4 Cube.”

The second Mac Pro model is said to be powered by a top-of-the-line ARM-based processor manufactured by Apple. According to previous rumors, this model is said to be about half the size of the current Mac Pro and have an aluminum body.

In the past we’ve heard that Apple has been working on a processor with up to 32 high-performance cores and up to 16 or 32 graphics cores. However, there is a report that Apple is also working on high-performance computing silicon with up to 64 or 128 cores, and such a processor could likely adopt AMD’s Threadripper Pro processors on the market today.

It’s unclear when the new Mac Pro will hit the market, but the new high-performance ARM-based silicon is expected to hit the market in 2022.

Apple Pro Display XDR

The iMac, which hasn’t been redesigned since 2012, will also get a fresh look.

Aesthetically, the new iMac will come in slimmer models, avoiding the metal chin on the bottom to adopt a design more reminiscent of Apple’s expensive Pro Display XDR monitor. The refurbished all-in-one device is of course powered by Apple’s own M-series processor.

The new iMac is set to adopt a new, angular design language that consists of a flat back instead of a curved back. Apple is believed to launch two new iMac models – codenamed J456 and J457 – that will replace the 21.5- and 27-inch models currently being sold, Bloomberg said, citing unnamed sources.

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