Apple Talks With Hyundai and Kia Are Reportedly Paused

For months there have been rumors about the “Apple Car” – a project that is believed to be being developed by Apple to manufacture an electric vehicle (EV). Confirmed details about the project are rare, although just this week a new report suggested that the proposed vehicle could be fully autonomous and operated without a human driver.

Now, however, there could be a kink in Apple’s plans. Apple has spoken to Hyundai and Kia about a possible collaboration in the manufacture of an electric vehicle. According to sources who spoke to Bloomberg, these conversations are now being “interrupted”.

Bloomberg says this could be because Apple is unhappy that Hyundai confirmed it spoke to Apple last month and then withdrew its statement. Another controversial issue appears to be whether the car will be manufactured under the Hyundai or Kia brands (both brands are owned by the same parent company, Hyundai Motor Group).

It is not clear whether the companies will resume discussions in the future or whether the potential collaboration will fail altogether.

However, this does not mean that Apple no longer has partners from the auto industry for its project. According to the same sources, Apple has had similar conversations with other auto companies, although names of which companies they were for were not given.

Apple has not officially commented on the rumors. According to reports, some at Apple are unhappy that reports of talks about the EV project are being released as the company prefers to develop its new projects in secret.

The final design for the Apple Car has yet to be determined, and industry experts predict it won’t hit the market until 2028 or later. Other reports on the Apple Car include rumors that there will be “breakthrough battery technology” head-to-head with the technology used by Tesla, one of the biggest names in EV development that would presumably be the main competition for any future Apple Car EV.

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