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Whether there’s a heater you’ve had your eye on for a while, you think a weighted blanket can help with your anxiety, or you, a juicer, will help you keep your New Year’s resolutions. There is a discount on a large number of items from your wish list. Read on to see the 11 best-selling products with the biggest discounts in this seasonal sale.

This super-quiet and compact self-loading robotic vacuum cleaner can permanently remove your to-do list from your to-do list.

MSRP: £ 239.99, Boxing Day Sale: £ 179.99 – Save £ 60

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This woody leather candle smells ripe and inviting in the house and burns for 100 hours.

MSRP £ 18.99, Boxing Day Sale: £ 16.14 – Save £ 2.85

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Don’t suffer from another cold winter night, invest in this mini space heater that will keep you warm.

MSRP: £ 29.99, Boxing Day Sale: £ 20.99 – Save £ 9.99

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Remove all traces of dirt, pet hair and dust with this lightweight yet powerful vacuum cleaner.

MSRP: £ 349.99, Boxing Day Sale: £ 199 – Save £ 150.99

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Anxiety was an unwanted companion for many of us this year, and weighted blankets are known to help. By stimulating the deep pressure, this blanket triggers the release of hormones that calm the nerves and lead to a deeper sleep.

MSRP: £ 45.99, Boxing Day Sale: £ 39.09 – Save £ 6.90

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