A look at the Digital Trends Experience Center at CES 2021

At this time of year, Digital Trends is usually on site and in person at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. This year is clearly a little different. Thousands of attendees, companies, exhibitors and even us journalists record everything online. Digital Trends was proud to fully cover this year’s Consumer Electronics Show and to offer our viewers the latest updates and stories from our Digital Trends Experience Center.

While many things have stopped because of the pandemic, technology never does – and neither do we. Our COVID-safe CES format was completely digital and was offered in a virtual mixed media presentation. Why should you only rely on green screens and typical zoom calls when your entire studio can be virtual?

Using the Unreal Engine, we lived on a virtual set in Los Angeles throughout CES – the same technology that Disney uses to create virtual worlds for The Mandalorian. This format allowed us to irradiate people from all over the world in amazing new ways to bring you product demos for everything from earphones to airplanes. Our coverage included a who’s who of well-known players, athletes, astronauts, actors, comedians, musicians, technology experts, and more who brought their own points of view, expertise, personalities, and perspectives to make our coverage for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show one of the best Best in the business.

With sets across the country including our studios in Portland and New York, we used our extensive and exclusive networks to curate stories on the biggest news and coolest technology. In addition to the most popular announcements by viewers such as the “Best Of” awards for digital trends and the audience awards, we also introduced you to segments such as “Tech for Change”, in which we highlighted and awarded companies that use technology to make the world a Better to change.

CES 2021 was significantly different this year. While we didn’t experience it in person, we prided ourselves on using the latest technology to bring the latest news from CES to our viewers and readers and bring them as close as possible to the actual CES floor.

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