A Guide to the Unique Boutiques in Hoboken + Jersey City

When the undisputed fashion capital lies directly above the river, it is natural for style and shopping to spread far and wide. The Hoboken and Jersey City neighborhoods have plenty of shopping options, from vintage finds to modern city-chic looks. If you need a little retail therapy and want to shop on site, here is our list of must-see boutiques in the area.


Ally Bird Vintage {408 6th Street}

If you’re a local at the Jersey City flea market, you probably know this name. What originally started as a blog is now a well-known Hudson County brand and boutique. Owner Alessandra creates handcrafted and reused items that she either sells on her Etsy, at flea markets, or sometimes in her boutique. The new store is full of bright shades of everything you want to add to your collection.

Alba {716 Washington Street}

Alba Boutique Downtown Hoboken

If you are looking for something classy, ​​but also sweet, simple, but also fashionable, then Alba may be the place for you. With a variety of contemporary clothing, accessories, and shoes, this is everything you could want in a chic boutique. While alba has a slightly higher price tag, it’s well worth the stylish finds.

aXd {503 Washington Street}

Ax clothing

Priced under $ 100, aXd has a variety of colorful clothing items for every occasion. You and the team are owned by Jeanne and will help you every step of the way in finding a new wardrobe. The prime location also makes it a point of contact for many residents.

Brooke and Bel {60 4th Street}

Brooke and Bel Hoboken

If there’s one place where the shopaholic in you can come to life, it’s Brooke and Bel. This multi-brand boutique has become a Hoboken favorite and it’s not hard to see why. B + B aims to bring fashion to everyone who lives and breathes style. With a variety of styles, finding the ultimate piece is easy.

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Galatea Lingerie {1224 Washington Street}

Galatea Hoboken

When you’re ready to tie the knot, you owe it to yourself to step into Galatea lingerie and indulge in a little pampering. If you are looking for bridal gifts and accessories or sexy lingerie, this is the place to go. The place is not only inviting, but also offers a diverse collection that everyone can fall in love with.

Luna Rosa {1218 Washington Street}

Luna Rosa home

Have you ever thought about how to convert your home to look like a Pinterest post? Go into Luna Rosa and you will be sure to find all the inspos you need. Luna Rosa has wonderfully curated selections for your home – from luxury pillows to comfy throws, scented candles, and home decor that could add value to your home or apartment. The cozy textures and the warm scent of beautiful household products help Marie Kondo with every little part of your room.

The Margo Market {1102 Washington Street}

Margo market

Margo started with a strong mission to make ethical products Products are a priority for Hoboken customers and lead retailers more consciously. While you can snap up some stylish outfits, Margo also has comfortable loungewear / stay-at-home to provide extra comfort during this time.

Peper + Parlor {938 Washington Street}

Peper salon clothes

Peper & Parlor is one of those stores that not only makes you stop and stare, but also walk in and shop. From maxi dresses to printed night suits, the store is chic and trendy and has served the Hoboken community for over 23 years. The staff really know how to help you find your product to fit.

Revival Vintage Boutique {47B Harrison Street}

Revival vintage

Originally started in a tent on Brooklyn Flea Market, this boutique soon opened its doors to the Manhattan neighborhood of the East Village before making its way to Hoboken, and of course, expect the high point of fashion across the river to find. The red brick building is at the back of the city and is hard to miss. From cocktail dresses and hats to hard-to-find memorabilia, this boutique is well worth a visit.

Vintage on the first {257 1st Street}

Born on the 1st.

If you are looking for new clothes that scream vintage then this is the stop you need to make. This little boutique has lots of hidden gems and the star of the tree is definitely the owner who is wonderful at helping you choose the style that best suits the price.

Viola Vita {1224 Washington Street}

purple life

You definitely saw the decorative windows of this place on your downtown walk. It has a collection of the finest Italian leather goods (and has recently been in new ownership). With a selection of luxury handbags, belts and shoes, Viola Vita is priced at $$$, but you can be sure to find some rare gems to add to your collection.

Washington General {509 Washington Street}

Washington General

This stop on Washington Street comes as no surprise. With the beautiful window decorations in every season and the unique finds, there is something for everyone. It’s an adorable place to buy gifts as you won’t find these items anywhere else. The local decor, which ranges from coasters to towels, is sure to make you feel Hoboken at home.

Jersey City

Another Man’s Treasure {195 Montgomery Street}

another man sweetheart

If the alluring name and vintage luxury weren’t reason enough to bring you here, Refinery 29 also listed another man’s treasure as one of 25 reasons to move to NJ. Whether you’re looking for colorful shoes, hats, and jewelry to add to your treasure chest of goodies, you’ve come to the right place. Don’t go through the hassle of making a shopping list, you are sure to find tons of new finds that you can’t totally say no to.

Kanibal Co. {197 Montgomery Street}

This is a central point of contact for everything you need for yourself or others. There is a thoughtful selection of clothing and skin care products and the friendly crew that work here make the experience even more amazing.

Love Locked {353 Grove Street}

Love locked

Love Locked built their entire business to help you find the most precious possessions – custom engagement rings and pharmacists. And if you just want to adorn yourself with jewelry, stock up on essential oils and pick out crystals, you’ve come to the right place. The shop also offers numerous options from local Jersey City designers.

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Happy Honeybee {487 Palisade Avenue}

Valentine's Day-Gifts-The-Lucky-Honey-Bee-Instagram

A treasure new to Jersey City Heights – just head to Lucky Honeybee and you’ll feel right at home. The gift shop is full of pharmacies and eco-friendly finds. Whether you’re looking for a gift or want to pamper yourself, there are tons of great finds at this stop.

Coin Market {303 1st Street + 339 Grove Street}

Mint Market Jersey City reopened

If your dream cabinet combines vintage and modern, Mint Market is the best for you. A stroll into this boutique is all you need to do before a night out to find the right outfit. With two locations, you can not only shop easily, but also double the number of unique finds. Both locations also have vintage pieces like Chanels and Guccis.

Noellery {123 Washington Street + 321 Grove Street}

Noellery Jersey City Boutique Jewelry

Finding the right jewelry for an outfit is almost like a cherry on the cake. Noellery offers an overwhelming range of accessories to decorate any look. From the colorful hoop earrings and earrings to necklaces made of pure silver, there is something for everyone in this little gem. With the convenience of two locations, leaving with something special becomes a breeze.

Zero Kids {317 2nd Street}

Zero children

If you were looking for a good vintage shop in Jersey City then Zero Kids might be the place for you. Don’t let the name fool you, Zero Kids has adult clothes too {Yay!} Many Zero Kids products are purchased from vintage warehouses and distributors, and the shop presents a new collection from time to time.


Risha Jagadish

Written by: Risha Jagadish

Risha is originally from India and was looking for a place to call home. Eventually it found its place in Home Sweet Hoboken. She currently works in advertising in New York City and loves to write about mindfulness and positivity. Her happiness lies in her morning routine – a sunrise in Maxwell Park, yoga on the pier, followed by a hot cup of joe before the day begins. She loves her happy hours equally and can have a beer (or a few more) at the local locations. Her guilty treat is garlic naan and a large bowl of frozen yogurt enjoying the skyline.

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