7 kitchen tools that can make sticking with Whole30 easier

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If you’re not used to cooking a lot, chances are you’ll be on Whole30. This is the only way you can really know what goes into your food. However, with these kitchen tools, cooking is easy and sticking to Whole30 is even easier.

Whole30’s goal is to get you to eat only real “whole” foods (hence the name) – no processed foods or sugar – for 30 days. The diet also removes grains, legumes, dairy products, alcohol, baked goods, and sweet treats. Technically, it’s an elimination diet that will help you discover the foods that make you feel blah and the ones that make you feel best about yourself.

The online grocer Thrive Market has an entire section on Whole30 Compliant foods (and a starter kit) if you’re having trouble figuring out what to and can’t eat while dieting.

There are also tons of cookbooks with Whole30-approved recipes. You can read the basics in The Whole30: The 30 Day Guide to Total Health and Food Freedom, a book by program founder Melissa Hartwig Urban. If you’re on time, check out the books for a quick and easy way to make Whole30 recipes or Whole30 meals.

Even if you understand the rules and need help in the kitchen, these kitchen tools can help you prepare your Whole30 meals. And with the right tools, you can do anything.

1. Glasslock Food Storage Containers Set, starting at $ 19.99

Credit: Bed Bath & BeyondCredit: Bed Bath & Beyond

You are more likely to stick to the plan if you already have healthy, prepared food on hand. Prepare meals at the beginning of the week and store meals in these microwave and freezer-safe containers.

2. sparkling waterStream Fizzi One-Touch Sparkling Water Heater, $ 99.99

Credit: Bed Bath & BeyondCredit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Whole30 strictly prohibits sugar – added, artificial and natural sugars – and alcohol. If you fail to drink soda or make cocktails, make yourself fizzy with a SodaStream. You can add flavor with a lemon wedge, fresh berries, or muddled mint.

The story goes on

3. Always pan$ 145

Credit: Our PlaceCredit: Our Place

When you need a new pan, make it the Always Pan by Our Place. The non-stick design requires less oil to cook and comes with a special steamer basket for crispy vegetables, shrimp and more. It also has a nesting spoon tray and sink to help reduce clutter. (The brand also recently launched a new color!)

4. DASH Express Egg Boiler, $ 19.99

Credit: On the tableCredit: On the table

Prepare boiled eggs for breakfast, as a salad topper or as a snack. You can prepare up to seven at the same time in this express egg boiler. If boiled eggs aren’t your thing, you can use this device to make poached eggs or an omelette too – all in minutes.

5. OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner 4.0, $ 29.95

Credit: On the tableCredit: On the table

Salads are a simple meal that can be prepared and eaten on the Whole30 plan, and a salad spinner can help you wash and dry all of the salad. This from OXO Good Grips comes in a slim glass bowl that you can also use for serving.

6th Instant pot Duo Nova 6-Quart, $ 99.95

Credit: On the tableCredit: On the table

Prepare meals in an instant saucepan while crossing off the rest of your to-do list. The pressure cooker has 14 intelligent programs for cooking meat, soup, stew, beans, chilli, rice, yogurt and more. Use it for quick cooking of meals or switch it to slow cooker mode and let the food simmer all day. Tip: This cookbook contains Whole30 slow cooker and Instant Pot recipes.

7. OXO Good Grips Citrus Squeezer, $ 16.99

Credit: Bed Bath & BeyondCredit: Bed Bath & Beyond

Using a citrus press, gently add a little lemon to freshly steamed vegetables, fish or water. While it may seem a little unnecessary, you might be wondering why you waited so long to get this simple device once you have one. It can help make sure you get all of the lemon juice out and prevent the seeds from sneaking into your bowl.

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