6 Brilliant Features Every Kitchen Should Have

Victoria Pearson

Cooking is a lot of work – especially when you’ve been walking around all day and don’t have the energy to take care of dinner – but there are some crazy new features (all in the kitchen of our Whole Home project) that add to cooking make total breeze an experience. And many of them will also help you eat more healthily. So it’s an all-round win. If you think you’ve seen everything there is to see when it comes to smart features, trust us, you haven’t seen anything.

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Having a cold pantry can keep healthy choices within reach. In this overcrowded storage room, you can store fruits and vegetables at an ideal temperature of 58 degrees. Bonus: You can also store red wine here.

Psst … these baskets are from Ballard Designs, the pendant from Circa and the tiles from AKDO, in case you are interested in recreating the look in your own home.


Smart sink

Throw away your measuring cups – this American Standard smart faucet is all you need. The Beale MeasureFill model has precision measurement, so you can simply turn a dial and pour in just as much water as you need for cooking or baking.

Credits: Chandelier, Circa Lighting


See it in action

Seriously, this faucet is everything you never knew you needed in life.

BUY NOW $ 750, americanstandard-us.com


Smart storage

Organizing your kitchen is one thing, but keeping everything tidy is another story entirely. These pen holders in the lower cabinets keep dishes tidy and can be easily adjusted as the size or quantity changes over time.

Credits: Hardware, Rocky Mountain Hardware


Built-in sous vide

You’ll never have to worry about making reservations at a fancy restaurant again – a built-in sous vide in this Signature Kitchen Suite range prepares your proteins and binds nutrients to make them super tender and aromatic.


Smart lighting

If you don’t have smart lighting in your kitchen yet, you need it – and everywhere else in your house. This intelligent switch system from NOON has customizable scenes such as “Conversing” or “Relaxing” so that you can set the mood according to your wishes.

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