5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning your Oakland Kitchen Remodeling Project

Lately, everyone is trying to do more with less. This has given rise to the popularity of tiny homes and apartment living. But you don’t have to sacrifice what you want, even if you’re in a smaller space.

If you’re feeling cramped in your kitchen or just want some new design ideas for your home, here are five mistakes to avoid that may be holding you back from an Oakland kitchen remodeling project: 

Not planning ahead

A successful remodeling project starts with good planning. Taking the time to gather ideas, look at a variety of materials and dream a little will help you get a clearer idea of the kind of kitchen you want.

A good strategy that will help you all throughout your remodel is to pick your top choice and then pick two alternatives at different price points.  This will give you the option to swap the choice of materials out if you have to adjust to fit in your budget. 

While you may not have a perfect plan initially, looking at a few designer plans can spark your imagination and give you some ideas, so you’re not making last minute changes that might derail your timeline.

Not including enough storage space for your kitchen needs

Do you have an over-crowded pantry that is making it difficult to find what you need?  Are cabinets too narrow to hold all of your pots and pans? Is your countertop overflowing with things because you don’t have anywhere to store them?

Those are signs that you have to prioritize more storage during your kitchen remodel.

Make sure that there’s more than enough storage space in the kitchen so everything has its place. There are a few ways to do this. 

If you’re unable to change your floor plan, it’s important to get strategic about what type of cabinets to purchase.  For example, a pantry that is high and narrow will hold more canned goods than a cabinet that is short and wide. You can also look into accessories that really take your cabinet space to a whole new level.

More Counter and Dining Space

A custom-designed island with built-in bar stools can also add extra storage space if you have the floor plan for it. With a kitchen island, you can also have a conversation area where friends and family can sit together while you cook.

Another way to create more countertop space is by installing a farmhouse sink or wall-mounted faucet over your double sinks. This will allow the second set of dual sinks to stay open as a food prep surface rather

Oakland residents love the idea of having an eat-in kitchen where friends and family can come together for a meal. For this to work well, it’s important to account for more than just food prep space. You need enough seating, lighting and flooring.

Not Considering the Rest of Their Decor

When you are remodeling your kitchen, you must remember that it is like the heart of your home.  Therefore, it must align with the decor of the entire house.  It can’t be designed in a vacuum. 

If your kitchen is one of the last remodeled rooms in your home, then it’s even more important that you pay close attention to this. The colors you use need to be complementary to the rest of your house, not contrasting. For example, if you have a conservative style home with dark wood finishings and lots of mahogany, a bright white or light-colored kitchen will look too stark and out of place.

Selecting the Right Contractor for Your Oakland Kitchen Remodel

This is probably one of the most important pieces to putting your Oakland kitchen remodel together. If you’ve never done it before, building a plan for your home might seem like something that takes place in an architect’s office. However, this isn’t the case.

Hiring the wrong contractor will make all of your efforts doing research and planning worthless.

Not only will they not have the skills to pull off your remodel, but they might even be out to take advantage of you.  As important as it is to find a contractor who has good reviews, make sure that it’s someone you can trust so that their mistakes or lack of skills don’t cost you money and time.

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