5 kitchen tools you’ll need for an organized pantry in 2021

You saved the healthy recipes. You bought the organic food. Everything is on track to make 2021 your best year to eat yet. Except for the room where you’re supposed to do it.

If your kitchen is in chaos every time you cook, decide to make 2021 the year you can finally bring organization and ease into your food preparation.

To lend a hand, the cook Elena Besser shared her tips TODAY for reorganizing your kitchen for the new year. From food-saving silicone to trays that can be stacked for easy storage, their tips and recommended products will finally bring peace to your kitchen. So you can focus on figuring out how to flambé a steak.

What should I get rid of in my kitchen?

Make a goal of checking your pantry for expired groceries – and be aware that items that you believe will last a lifetime may no longer serve you.

Throw away old oil and vinegar. They lose their potency and turn bad after a few years. Nuts can also go rancid. So be sure to check the expiration date (and store them in the refrigerator instead to keep them freshest).

The same goes for baking powder and baking powder. Although they have a long shelf life and can technically sit in your pantry for years, your cakes will flatten if you use products that are not fresh. Test if they are still good by adding some baking soda to hot water and the baking soda to vinegar. “It’s still good to use when there’s a bubbling or bubbly reaction,” Besser said. “If you don’t see this reaction, remove it and start over.”

When you’re composting, put your container in the freezer. The cold removes odors and keeps insects away from your old eggshells, vegetable shells and coffee grounds.

Finally, throw away crispy pot holders, stained tea towels, moldy sponges, and mismatched containers. Replace them with darker colors that are less likely to stain.

What do I really need in my kitchen?

Clear Pantry Organizer

It’s all too easy to wreak havoc on your refrigerator. With nothing but shelves to organize, most of us toss our products, milk, and eggs all over the place and spend time later in the week looking for a lost piece of butter. These neat storage organizers will help restore order to the cluttered refrigerators.

Better also suggests using painter’s tape and a felt-tip pen to mark containers and jars. “Labeling your food will remind you to eat your food, which means less waste and less money for things you don’t need,” she said. “When people know what they see in the refrigerator, they are more likely to eat it.”

Nordic Ware natural aluminum baking trays

Baking trays aren’t just for the oven. You can use them as organizers for sauces, jams, and condiments in your fridge and pantry. Should anything leak, these organizers will save you a messy cleanup.

Bamboozle Nesting Stacking Trays

Sure, these trays are easy to stack together and don’t take up much space in a closet. But the colors are so beautiful, why not put them on a counter to organize loose products, knickknacks, or kitchen utensils? They are made from recycled and biodegradable bamboo, but can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. They are also available in a variety of colors and quantities, including this seven-piece bowl in various shades of blue.

Food Huggers Reusable silicone food savers

If you stopped buying avocados because all of your leftovers were turning brown, these reusable silicone food savers can change your entire diet. They pop on the side of all products – tomatoes, onions, lemons, and yes, avocados – and slow down the browning process. Better recommends coating the exposed side of your fruit with lemon juice to slow the browning process even further.

Williams Sonoma Lemon Press

A squirt of lemon turns a glass of water into a self-care ritual. But this indulgence can become all too rare when struggling with lemon pulp and rogue seeds. Make it easy for yourself with a lemon squeezer. The tool makes it easy and quick to whiten a cup of hot water on a cold winter morning.

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