29 Kitchen Products Under $10 That Are Actually Worth Your Money

Promising review: “Okay, silicone is the new plastic and it’s so much better. Hot, cold, run your car over it doesn’t matter. This stuff is fantastic. I thought at first sight that this product was heavy and crush the delicate edge of my cakes, but it’s really super light and works so well. It’s adjustable which is super handy because it goes with all of the different cake pans you’ve collected over the years. Plus those from us Anyone who hates plastic more and more because it never dies, never decomposes and also gives off harmful chemicals (especially when heated like in the dishwasher) is absolutely safe. Really. Silicone is glass, but glass that feels like rubber Like great is that? I threw away my old tin foil shields. Oh! And these are super easy to clean which is a big plus if you have tin. “—Write4Change

Price: $ 7.99

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