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What Is Quicksilver Scientific? (Expert Review & Analysis)

Mar 10

Quicksilver Scientific

Quicksilver Scientific Review

Quicksilver Scientific is a health science company that bridges nature and modern science to support the body and mind. They offer a variety of supplements and protocols to help with detoxification, immune system health, brain health, metabolism and more.

Their liposomal supplements are high in bioavailability and start working within 5 minutes. They also provide benefits for digestion, immunity, brain health, detoxing the body, and healthy aging.

Company philosophy

Quicksilver Scientific combines the best of nature and modern science to deliver a bevy of innovative products designed to help consumers achieve mind and body health. The company was founded by Christopher Shade, PhD, who is a well-respected industry expert in his field and has patented several of the more impressive technologies on offer.

Quicksilver boasts more than 50 liquid supplement offerings aimed at immune health, gut health and detoxification among others. The company has a reputation for making a big bang with each new product launch and has built a robust in-house R&D team capable of churning out the next generation of supplements. The company also has an enviable roster of top-notch executives and a fun, family-friendly work environment to boot.

One of the company’s more intriguing innovations is a triumvirate of supplements aimed at tackling the big three: brain health, heart health and weight management. The aforementioned products are complemented by a bevy of smaller but equally potent solutions designed to address specific ailments. The company has a lot to be proud of and a hefty number of devoted customers.


Quicksilver Scientific offers a variety of products designed to improve your health, including supplements that focus on cognition, GI microbial balance, longevity, hormones, immunity, metabolism, detoxification and more. These products include powerful water-soluble antioxidants, energy-boosting liposomal Vitamin C and Nanoemulsified CoQ10.

All their products are made in the UK at a cGMP-certified facility and undergo third-party testing to ensure that they are safe and uphold the high standards set by the company. The supplements are also free of allergens, gluten and GMOs, and the products are vegan and plant-based.

The supplements are made using advanced liposomal technology and use high-quality phospholipids to deliver the nutrients. This is an excellent form of compound delivery as it bypasses the digestive processes that often degrade or limit compound absorption.

Phospholipids are fats that form part of cell membranes and they easily encapsulate the compounds in the spheres, so that they can enter cells without breaking down in the digestive system. This means that they can be absorbed much faster and are more bioavailable than other forms of supplementation.

Another great way to take supplements is by incorporating them into a daily meal or snack. This is the easiest way to get the most out of a supplement, as it allows you to eat the ingredient in its natural form and avoid the gastrointestinal tract, where the ingredients are often broken down into less potent versions.

Compared to taking the same amount of supplement in a capsule, swallowing a well-engineered liposome can give you a 25-to-300-fold increase in uptake. This is because the vesicles begin to absorb in your mouth before they are broken down in your stomach and intestines, allowing you to reap more benefits from the nutrients.

For example, their The One elixir contains GABA and L-Theanine to promote calmness, relaxation and rest for those experiencing mental pressure or stress. It also features a blend of 13 adaptogenic herbs and Q10 co-enzymes like ubiquinone, PQQ and resveratrol to support mitochondrial function.

Other products in the Quicksilver Scientific range include a calming combination of L-Theanine and melatonin for sleep, as well as a product that contains Q10 co-enzymes like resveratrol and ubiquinone to protect the heart and blood vessels. They also offer a resveratrol-rich elderberry formula that helps to support the immune system and promote a healthy inflammatory response.


Detoxification is an essential part of restoring your health. It can help you to regain your energy, mental clarity and cellular function.

It can also improve your immune system, reduce pain and balance hormones.

It can even help to support weight loss by reducing inflammation, and it can support the thyroid gland to improve your metabolism.

The body needs to detoxify a variety of environmental toxins, including heavy metals and pesticides. These toxins disrupt metabolic pathways and compromise antioxidant balance, which can lead to biological aging.

Our bodies have three major detoxification systems - the kidneys, the liver and the lymphatic system. Each system has its own unique role in detoxification, but it all needs to work in sync to support the elimination of toxins from the body.

One of the most important aspects of detoxification is the ability of the kidneys to drain toxins from the blood. This is done by sending them through the kidney filters and removing them from the body, so they cannot harm other organs or cells.

However, if the kidneys are not functioning properly, then it is difficult for the liver to clear the toxins from the body and this can cause many health issues such as weight gain, fatigue and poor immune function.

Fortunately, Quicksilver Scientific UK has developed a range of products to support the kidneys and liver as well as the glutathione and lymphatic system in order to help your body to detoxify.

For example, a product called Liver Sauce contains ingredients that are known to help to enhance bile flow and the Nrf2 biochemical pathway to promote effective detoxification at the cellular level. The product is also designed to support the body's natural oxidative process by delivering high doses of phosphatidylcholine, which is essential for healthy cellular membranes and toxin export.

Another product to consider is Kidney Care, which is a powerful formulation that supports the filtration and drainage of toxins from the kidneys. The product also has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that can help to relieve discomfort, irritability, insomnia and stress.

Lastly, there is an innovative product called IMD (Intestinal Metals Detox), which is a proprietary compound that optimizes the natural action of glutathione in the intestines to bind and remove metals accumulated in the intestines, as well as quench free-radicals. This helps to "reboot" and optimize key biological detoxification processes, reducing the liver and kidney stress often associated with pharmaceutical chelation therapy.

Final Words

Quicksilver Scientific has a well-earned reputation for producing a wide range of high-quality dietary supplements that are free from allergens, gluten and GMOs. Its flagship product, The One, blends Q10 and other phospholipid-based vitamin sippers with 13 adaptogenic herbs for the brain, heart and gut.

The company also patented an impressive "mercury speciation" test that identifies your body's metal levels in a streamlined process. This technology isn't available on a mass scale, but it's an enticing new tool that's sure to draw the attention of health aficionados around the globe. The aforementioned gizmo consists of a self-emulsifying capsule that's designed to dissolve in your mouth and quickly get to work, enabling emulsified nanoparticles to disperse via cellular transport into your bloodstream. The best part? The emulsifier is so efficient it can dispense its tiniest dose in less than 20 seconds, with peak concentration occurring within 90 minutes. In addition, the product is made from phospholipids that fuse with the cell membrane to deliver the goods in a small package. The company likewise has its own website with a wealth of information on everything from dietary supplements to detoxification protocols and mercury testing.