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Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros

Jan 29

Driveway Paving Port St Lucie - St Lucie Asphalt Driveway Paving Pros


Driveways are an essential component of every home. However they can be extremely expensive to maintain. A driveway that is old must be fixed if it has uneven or cracked pavements, cracks in asphalt, potholes, cracks, and weeds growing through the joints between slabs of pavement. If you notice any of these indicators then it's time to have your driveway paved professionally with our driveway paving company.


Signs to indicate that your driveway needs repairs

  1. Cracked Driveway - Driveways with cracks in their surface should be repaired since they could cause serious problems , such as potholes and slabs of heaving and even damage to property.
  2. Uneven Driveway. The unevenness of your driveway will make it difficult to maintain an even ride for your car. To fix this problem, we will have to level the driveway. This will permit you to repair your driveway.
  3. Potholes in driveways Potholes on the end of driveways should be addressed immediately. They pose a risk for vehicles. Potholes can cause tire damage or axle failure.

We provide a variety of services, which include maintenance and repair. The most sought-after repair service that most households require is driveway sealant.

Driveway sealant is a liquid that is cured and dried to form an invisible shield against damage from snowmelt, saltwater or rain or any other substance.

There are two ways to conduct this type of repair to your driveway and apply a sealant to your driveway, or on any of the roads with pavement. Spray sealing is the firstoption, while hand-applying the sealant is the other.

Spray sealing is the application of sealant material on your driveway. Spray sealing can be done using an airless sprayer and/or an hose that is pump-up with a nozzle. The method you choose is best for your specific project.


What is the difference between spray and hand-applied seals?

Spray sealing can be adapted to fit the surface. We can adjust the sealer based on whether the surface is in direct sunlight, shaded or in a hill.

The sealant is applied manually to your driveway. It can be accomplished using a squeegee and the use of a roller and brush based on the type of sealant you want for your job.

Hand-applying sealants is cheaper and less time-consuming than using machines.


How often should I seal my driveway?

Spray sealing should be done every 2 to 3 years, while the hand-applied coating must be applied every year on porous surfaces. Depending on how the sealant was applied driveway repairs might be needed by adding sealant after one year.


What are the advantages of spray sealing?

Spray spraying is an excellent method of sealing your concrete. There is no need to perform any manual work and you don't have to have to spend time applying the sealant. The spray spraying process can also effectively cover large areas faster than manual applications, which is another major benefit.

Spray application and hand application work to protect your driveway from the most damage. We are able to do both.


Is asphalt-resurfacing a good idea?

Asphalt resurfacing is the process of removing asphalt from your driveway and spreading it over to allow it to be flattened. This is done in situations where it is not possible to use other methods, such as sealing or repairs.


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