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Top Airbnb Investing Books

Jun 20

Top Airbnb Investing Books

The Best Books About Vacation Rentals: Airbnb Management, Investing, and More
Learn more about topics like short-term rental property management and Airbnb investing. Here's a list of the top books.

This list of Airbnb books for vacation rentals has been compiled to help you find the best books in this area. The books below can help you whether you are interested in learning more about investing in Airbnb properties or how to manage your existing vacation rental business.


Optimize Your BNB

The Ultimate Guide to Ranking #1 on Airbnb Search is the best Airbnb book for people worried about how they will put their property listing together,. Written by Daniel Rusteen. Rusteen, an industry expert, is well-known and has put much of what he knows about optimizing your Airbnb listing into this book. However, a lot of his content is also available online at the OptimizeMyBnb website, and some reviewers felt that the book needed some editing.

I thought I knew all the tricks as I owned 6 Airbnbs. [...] When I read this book, I thought I knew everything. I was sure that I could rent one property and make my money back. Well, I found TONS! This book was amazing! The author worked at Airbnb and mentions that he still manages some. He knows what he does from personal experience. His guidance is helping me to improve each of my listings. Already, I can see the advantages. Any Airbnb owner should read this book. -- Amazon Reviewer "Kaizer Sose"

Great information, but the most important (or all?)? Most (all?) of the content on the site's blog is very helpful. But, I would still buy it to make notes and mark. -- R Mitchell


Master of Vacation Rentals

10 Steps to Hosting Success using Airbnb + Other Platforms Authored and edited by Jeff Pierce. Pierce is an Airbnb Superhost and this book is his (10-step) guide to a successful vacation rental business. It covers topics like pricing, promotions, and vacation rental design.

Jeff is a highly experienced Airbnb host and wrote an excellent guide for beginners. It covers everything, from how to determine the best property for your business (if it is new or expanding), to how to maximize income by booking midweek, and pricing and discount or incentive best practices. And finally, the basics of communicating professionally with guests.

The details are more detailed but not overwhelming, and they are easy to digest. The writing was clear and friendly, and I smiled a few times while reading it because of some well-placed puns.


How to Rent Vacation Properties By Owner

Best-Seller Since 2004. 3rd edition Christine Hribi-Karpinski. This book is one of the most popular on vacation rental properties. It is designed to provide a complete guide on how to buy, furnish and manage vacation rental properties. Although some of it may be a bit out of date, there is plenty of practical advice.

It is simple to read the book without too much detail. [...] This gave me much more confidence when it came to larger issues, like finances in the vacation rental industry. I felt that some chapters were an old legacy. The details about bookings, getting checks from renters and pen-and-ink handling made it clear that the book was written in the modern era. Learn more about Airbnb investing.

The Book on Rental Property Investing

How to make wealth through intelligent Buy and Hold real estate investing Brandon Turner, host and presenter of BiggerPockets podcast (#1 Real Estate podcast). This book is a guide for rental property investing. It contains strategies, tips, as well as actionable ideas.

There are many real estate investment books. This is one of the best. Brandon Turner's book is simple to read and easy to follow. It also contains a lot of useful information that you can use to plan your real estate business. Great book. Ed Barton


The Book on Managing Rental Properties

A proven method for finding, screening, and managing tenants with fewer headaches and maximum profit. Heather Turner and Brandon Turner are the hosts of BiggerPockets Podcast, the #1 Real Estate Podcast. You will find practical tips and a lot of personal stories from vacation rental owners in this book.

This is a very easy-to-follow book about managing rental properties. The book provides basic information for newbies as well as helpful tips for experienced property managers. This book was not as easy to follow for people who have just started in property management. It could be used by those with more experience. But, it has enough original ideas that it's worth the read and the price. -- Natasha G

Although some of the information can be found online via forums or vacation rental blogs, there is sometimes value in having it printed. You can also check out our resources for a guide to vacation rental marketing.

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