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How To Get The Best Results When Refinishing Particle Board Cabinets

Jun 10

Instead of investing in replacing your outdated kitchen storage repainting laminate cabinets is a cost-effective solution to transform your eyesore into appealing, contemporary cabinetry. While you might be adept at painting the majority of wooden furniture from side tables to doors for your pantry Laminate is a completely different animal entirely.

These best practices will provide your laminate cabinets with an updated look that will last. Do not paint over damaged laminate If the laminate is broken, warped, or peeling, this is a problem for the bonding of paint to the cabinet. Ensure the laminate is in good condition by fixing minor damage to the laminate or refacing cabinets prior to applying paint.

How to Paint Laminate Kitchen Cabinets

Painter's tape is a great option to mask the metal of the hinges. Then, you could paint the doors on top of them. If hinges aren't removable or visible, take the doors from cabinets and paint them on the workbench. Do you not want to do the job yourself? Find a local cabinet refurnishing San Diego business near you, and receive a no-cost estimate.

Use trisodium phosphate for a gentle cleaning off dirt and grime prior to painting laminate cabinets. Then, rinse the cabinets with clean water and completely dry the cabinets. DO SAND THE CABINETS to ensure a solid bond between the paint and your cabinet. You'll need to roughen the laminate using an abrasive companion: sandpaper.

There are a few things that you should know about the reason I chose to reface my kitchen cabinets (rather than paint).

It will bring joy to your upper body. It will be possible to clean the cabinet's surface with 120-grit sandpaper. This is enough to dust the surface but not so much that it cuts through the laminate. Clean any remaining dust with a handheld vacuum and a damp cloth. Don't use old paint and PRIMER. Laminate does not work well with all primers and paints that are specially designed to adhere to its picky surface.

You can choose a paint that can be put directly on laminate (view an example on Amazon) and leave out the primer. But this limitation could restrict your color choices.


A few little-known facts about how to paint kitchen Cabinets - Benjamin Moore.

Before beginning a major paint job, test the ability of the paint to bond. This can help save you from having to peel paint later on and the need for rework. Dry the paint on a tiny area of the cabinet that is not evident (such as the back of the cabinet you seldom open). Check the bonding.


BRUSH Strokes are not to be left alone. There is a temptation to drop the brush as your first choice for applying paint to the flat surfaces of laminate cabinets. The most popular tools for painting tend to leave an unsightly streak of paint strokes in their wake. Opt instead for a paint roller or sprayer paint pad to achieve smooth, streak-free paint.


The Top Tips For How To Paint Over Laminate


When you are painting your town (or perhaps, your cabinets) red, make sure to put on some protective gloves against chemicals. Aren't sure you can do it yourself? Get no-cost estimates from professional painters close to you.

Five Basic Facts About Can Laminate Kitchen Cabinets be refinished - What Where Why Described

What should you do if the kitchen cabinets aren't made from natural wood, but you'd still like to paint them? If you follow the correct method then you can paint over laminate cabinets as well as other furniture made of laminate in need of a change in color. This article took nearly three years to develop and I'm happy that it finally got published! When I posted my first tutorial on the most effective way to finish kitchen cabinets (without sanding! ) I was greeted with a barrage of questions like, "Does this method work on laminate cabinets?" Or "My cabinets are melamine. This method works with only one change.

This article includes affiliate links. If you purchase, I will earn an amount of money without additional expense to you. Yes, You Can Paint Laminate! What exactly is laminate you ask? Laminate can be used to create furniture, cabinets, or any other wood-like product. It is made by affixing a thin layer (called Melamine, Thermofoil, or Melamine) to a plywood substrate, or particle board.

This is the definitive guide on how to remove laminate from cabinets.


If you paint a piece of real wood furniture or cabinetry the wood absorbs some primer or paint into its pores, which creates a solid bond and helps the paint stick to the wood. Laminate is porous which makes it difficult to spread paint over it.

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