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Kitchen Cabinet Painters Shares Refinishing Tips

Dec 19

How can a kitchen cabinet painter in Woodstock Georgia help you like you did a full kitchen makeover?

Looking to sell your home faster and for a greater price with a kitchen makeover, renovation, or remodel? Here are some pointers from a kitchen cabinet painter in Woodstock, Georgia.

In Cherokee County, homes are selling quicker than real estate agents can list them. This may suggest that a little kitchen redesign is preferable to a complete kitchen remodeling.

Why consider refacing, refinishing or painting kitchen your cabinets?

To find out, we contacted Riley Cook of Sunset Cabinet Refinishing in Woodstock. "Rather than spend thousands on new cabinets why not consider make your old ones look like new ones for a tenth of the costs?" Riley explains. You can do it yourself if you appreciate DIY projects. You can also hire a company to paint your cabinets for you. For a fraction of the cost, they can make any old, outdated set of kitchen cabinets look like a million dollars.

Woodstock cabinet painting contractors — what they do

What is the Sunset Cabinet Refinishing process? Well here are the here are the steps.

Riley continues, “We like to call it “cabinet refreshing”.”

  • Step 1:Think about paint colors. You can do this yourself, talk to an interior decorator or your cabinet refinishing contractor can help you  find the best color for your new kitchen or bathroom cabinets.
  • Step 2: Carefully remove the doors off of the cabinets. Remove and clean all hinges, knobs and hardware. (You can also go on Amazon to shop for new handles for your kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Step 3: The doors should be cleaned, sanded, primed and then get the finish coats.
  • Step 4: Tape up the kitchen, clean and sand the cabinetry faces along with the side panels. Then prime, caulk, patch up, and finish coats.
  • Step 5: Then rehang your beautifully painted cabinet doors. Attach your new existing or new cabinet knobs and handles.

"This will save the homeowner all of the price, effort, and mess of a full-fledged kitchen remodeling endeavor," Riley adds. Of course, if you employ a cabinet painting firm, you should negotiate your budget and meet with them on a regular basis. Finally, try painting an accent wall or replacing your cabinet tops in your kitchen. For a new kitchen look, there are a variety of low-cost DIY options. This will allow you to close with more money in your pocket."


If you would like a free cabinet refinishing quote in Roswell Ga then contact Riley here...

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