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The Best Henleys To Wear On Those Extra Rugged Days

Dec 1

There's a defining Henley moment for everyone. Maybe yours involved witnessing a grease-streaked, hushed Ryan Gosling in Drive slaughter everyone who isn't Carey Mulligan. Perhaps it was witnessing Kanye West rock a variety of variants during a series of internet-breaking press tours in the early 2010s. (Didn't we used to be so young?) Perhaps it involves watching your grandfather battle with the bathroom's faulty faucet before throwing in the towel—literally—and calling a plumber. Or, in the worst-case scenario, it involves you reading this right now!

In any case, we've all had one: that moment when you realized, "Damn, I should really purchase a Henley." Because the Henley is so much more than a plain tee with a few buttons thrown on for good measure (or, for that matter, a polo with the collar lopped off). Sir, no. It would be a severe insult to renowned henley-wearers around the world—Ryan Gosling, Kanye West, and your dear old father, for example—to dismiss it as such. The Henley's popularity as a go-to layer for guys as diverse as the three above stems from its remarkable adaptability, but it also has an attractive design that even the most ardent T-shirt aficionado can appreciate. Which makes it an excellent fundamental piece for any cold-weather ensemble, whether you're wearing it alone with the heat turned up inside or as a base layer beneath all your puffiest winter finery.

So, to any and all Henley newbies out there, this is your chance. Enjoy it. You only got one chance. Here are some of the greatest Henleys to buy right now to ensure you don't mess it up. (And, by the way, you might want to follow Pops' lead and hire a plumber to look at that sink.) A good Henley may accomplish a lot, but even the best won't transform you into the handyman you've always wanted to be.)


Waffle Henley with Long Sleeves

A hazy shade of olive green thermal fabric that harkens back to the style's historic appeal among US military personnel around the world.

Henley with Long Sleeves

Action Bronson swears by the lone Henley acknowledged connoisseur of good taste.

Henley Premium Weight

Everlane's Henley is constructed of a durable 6 oz. cotton that provides maximum comfort without sacrificing durability.

Merino LS Henley with 72-Hour Merino

This Henley, made of a soft but substantial (body goals!) merino wool and nylon, won't just keep you warm on chilly winter nights—it'll keep you looking cool all year.