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Kitchen Renovators in Cairns

Nov 19

Kitchen Renovations for Your Cairns Home

If you are looking for kitchen renovations in Cairns, there is no better place to start than with our company. We have been renovating kitchens for a long time and we know what it takes to make your dream kitchen a reality. Kitchen Renovations Cairns has the expertise required to meet all your needs with an industry-leading team of professional designers, architects, and project managers. We are the leading Cairns Kitchen Renovations experts. You can call us on (07) 4082 7672. In fact, we will work with you from concept right through to completion! Below are some tips for renovating your kitchen that we've prepared for you! 

Consider your lifestyle and what you need in a kitchen.

Before you decide on which type of renovation you want in your kitchen, you need to consider how you live in your home. Are you looking for a modern and stylish kitchen, or do you prefer something more traditional? Do you want an open plan concept so everyone can be together while cooking dinner, or would it suit

If you are living in an old-fashioned Cairns home with small windows and limited space, sometimes it's best to refurbish rather than move into another property. This means considering what parts of your current dwelling might benefit from a renovation. Is there a room behind the wall for new cupboards? Can we change where appliances like dishwashers sit, allowing them to take up less floor area?

Make sure the layout is practical for cooking, entertaining, and family living.

The layout of your new kitchen should be practical for cooking, entertaining and family living. If you can see yourself hosting dinner parties in the new kitchen or baking in that fabulous island bench with room to spare, then it's probably a good layout.


Choose appliances that are energy efficient and last longer than other models on the market.

High-quality appliances will save you money in the long term by running more efficiently, so it's an investment in your home. When choosing appliances for your kitchen, make sure they're energy-efficient and also consider what material they're made from since there is a rise with stainless steel appliance exteriors becoming increasingly popular.- A new oven or stovetop may be required if yours has broken down completely though, which could mean additional costs.

Add cabinets to make more room for storage or to create an open concept design.

If you need more storage space for your home, kitchen cabinets are a great option. If your cabinets have old handles and knobs that don't match any longer you can change these to give the entire look of your space an update. Organizing tools like pots and pans or silverware in attractive storage containers will make cooking easier for everyday and special occasions! Replace dated cabinetry with newer designs that match current trends in home décor.

Add a backsplash to give the kitchen some personality

When you want to give your kitchen a new look, you may want to consider adding a backsplash. A backsplash is simply an installation of tile on the wall behind your stove or sink, but it can make all the difference in how you feel about cooking and cleaning every day.- If you are not sure what type of design would look best with your décor there are many resources online that will help guide you through choosing one that matches!

If you really want to give your kitchen space some personality, why not add accent walls? An accent wall typically uses darker paint colours than the rest of the walls in order to create the contrast that helps draw attention onto certain areas like overtop cabinets or hanging shelves.

Update your countertops with new materials like granite or quartz.

Modern kitchens have countertops made out of materials like quartz or granite. These are typically thicker than the standard laminate countertops of old, which make them more durable.

Professional Kitchen renovators in Cairns

Kitchen Renovations Cairns is a trusted brand, offering renovations to homes throughout Cairns. We have experienced workers in our team who are more than capable of transforming your kitchen into one that you will be proud to show off.

Kitchen Renovations Cairns can help with all aspects of the renovation, from planning and design to installation. Call us on (07) 4082 7672. We are also able to provide advice on costs so whether you need a full-scale or partial redesign we have the knowledge needed for success!


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