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Computer Repairs, Laptop Repairs & Data Recovery Birmingham

Nov 18

Computer problems are inevitable in the digital age. There's nothing worse than your computer crashing or not working at all. Luckily there is a Computer Repair Company in Birmingham that can fix any problem you're having with your PC, laptop, or phone quickly and efficiently. We offer everything from data recovery to virus removal to hardware upgrades. And we don't take up too much of your time either; most repairs are completed within 24 hours! So if you're experiencing anything from intermittent signal loss to full system failure, give us a call!


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Computer Repairs Birmingham



Computer repairs in Birmingham can be a bit of a headache, especially when you're in the middle of an assignment or working on something important. If you need your computer looking at urgently then we have just the service for you! From quick fixes to complete overhauls, our computer repairs Birmingham are available all throughout Birmingham for your convenience. Dr IT Services has a dedicated team of professionals that can solve all your computer problems.

Data Recovery Birmingham

The importance of data recovery services Birmingham is to provide a way of making sure that the data on your computer, laptop, or phone is backed up. There is also the need for data recovery so as to ensure that you only lose the information on your device and not all of it.  Dr IT Services offers data recovery services for both PCs and Macs. In the unfortunate event of a crash or system failure, just give us a call!

Laptop repairs Birmingham



What if your laptop is broken? Usually, laptops require a bit more care and attention because of their size and portability. So why not give us a chance to help you out with any of your laptop problems! Here are laptop repairs Birmingham:

Laptop Keyboard Replacement

The number one problem with a laptop is its keyboard. You can't use your laptop without its keyboard, so that's why we take it upon ourselves to replace any broken or damaged keys on your laptop keyboard.

Laptop Screen Repair

Is your laptop screen cracked? Or is it just displaying a weird shade of blue? Whatever the problem may be, we can fix it! Dr IT Services specializes in laptop screen repairs. As long as you bring your computer to us or drop it off, we will have everything working like new in no time.

Laptop Power Jack Replacement

It happens to everyone! The power jack on your laptop is loose and it's not charging. Or maybe you have a surge, or the plug gets pulled out. When this happens, don't put up with it! Bring it to us for a quick, easy laptop power jack replacement.

Laptop Cleaning Service

Over time, your laptop collects dust and dirt which can cause overheating problems. Dr IT Services offers a professional laptop cleaning service that will have your back in no time! Whether you need a quick clean-up or a deep clean to remove any stubborn dirt from your device, just give us a call.

Laptop Fan Replacement

Laptop fans are the most important component of your laptop. Without it, your system overheats and can't operate. If you notice any noise coming from your fan or if it's feeling hot, that may be an indication that your fan needs to be replaced. We fix all sorts of cooling problems, so don't hesitate to give us a call.


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You could find yourself being in the need of computer repairs in Birmingham from time to time.  It does not happen very often, but repairing your computer instead of buying a new one can be much cheaper. Our company offers expert laptop repairs and services which will help you overcome any difficulties with the computers.  We also offer the best computer repair service in Birmingham.