17 best kitchen gadgets under £15 you can find on Amazon

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Katherine Robinson

love Gadgets? Save time and energy – and do yours kitchen Look super cool doing it – can never be bad, right? We cleaned Amazon for the latest products and things that will transform your kitchen and make those # firstworldcooking problems go away. Read on for 12 of the best kitchen gadgets under £ 15 – from the coolest sponge holder you’ve ever seen, from the world’s most ingenious egg yolk separator. We promise you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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HapiLeap Retractable Drawer Organizer 4-Pack, 12.80, Amazon


Maximize the space in your refrigerator and keep things tidy with these sliding shelves. Kind!

Baking mats

Silicone baking mats, £ 11.99, Amazon


Forget regular baking paper, these non-stick mats are reusable and the silicone material distributes heat evenly for even results.

Egg poachers

Egg Poacher Mugs, £ 6.95, Amazon


Make perfectly shaped poached eggs – or use them in the microwave – with no clutter. These funky looking silicone poachers also come with a lifetime warranty, so they are a must have for your cooking utensils.


Monkey Business Jumbo Cutlery Drainer, £ 14.90, Amazon


This holder not only dries your cutlery with minimal dirt, it also looks like a cute little elephant – the water comes from its trunk.

Fruit tweezers

Fruit Voices, £ 14.99, Amazon


Do you love strawberries but hate the faff? This fruit and potato chopper will be one of those I’ve lived without this stalk for so long. Type elements.

Teflon liner

Teflon Oven Liner, Pack of 2, £ 7.99, Amazon


These Teflon liners will keep your oven pristine. They withstand temperatures of 260 ° C and can even be put in the dishwasher. Just slide them out and clean them up when they get dirty.

under the counter

Above closet door trash basket, £ 4.29, Amazon


This trash basket can be attached to cabinet doors and drawers while you prepare ingredients for easy cleaning. It’s a great space saver.

Cutlery drawer

Joseph Joseph compact cutlery organizer, 14.99, Amazon


When you’re tired of your knives and forks rattling around, this cutlery drawer organizer is the solution to your problems. It’s stylish and saves you a lot of space. The incline of each section means that removing the cutlery is child’s play.

Plastic phone holder

Phone stand, £ 11.39, Amazon


If you want to play music on your device while cooking or follow recipes on your phone, this is a must! This top gadget is available in black or white.


Avocado Huggers, £ 10.51, Amazon


Avoid those brown edges and keep your sliced ​​avocado fresh longer. This pack of two food huggers is small and large, so there is something for all sizes of avocado.

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Crinkle cutter

Crinkle Cutter, £ 8.99, Amazon


Now you can make restaurant-standard crinkly fries – or even use carrots and pickles to spice up your veggies with this crinkle cutter tool.

Refrigerator linings

4 pcs fridge pads, £ 6.29, Amazon


These handy refrigerator liners will keep your food from rolling around and prevent vegetables from sweating or leaking. You can even use them to line cutlery drawers or as placemats. And the best? When they need washing, you can take them out and either tap them or put them in the dishwasher and they’ll be like new.


Snap-on silicone screen, £ 8.99, Amazon


This clip-on silicone strainer is a fantastic kitchen gadget to strain your pasta with. It fits pans of all sizes and is the perfect kitchen tool. No more accidentally scalding your fingers or tipping them in the sink.


Clean Dreams Kitchen Sponge Holder, £ 13.45, Amazon


How cute is that Put your kitchen sponge on this holder to rest after working hard washing up. It looks great next to the sink.


Microwave Omelette Maker, £ 14.99, Amazon


You can make delicious French Microwave omelets in minutes with this silicone omelette maker. Now there is no excuse for an unhealthy one breakfast.

egg yolk

Egg Yolk Separator, £ 7.97, Amazon


Is it a cute ornament? No, it’s a great way to separate egg yolks without dirt. Add this egg yolk separator to your shopping cart and it is arguably the best price of € 7.97 you will ever spend.

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Spaghetti portion knife, £ 4.40, Amazon


If you never manage to calculate the right amount of spaghetti to cook, this kitchen gadget is the answer to your problems. The spaghetti portion measures the exact amount for one to four people. Clever!

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