10 Scandinavian Design Brands That Will Transform Your Kitchen

They say nothing haunts you like the things you haven’t bought – and never is that truer than at the end of a distant vacation. When I visited Stockholm and Copenhagen in the summer, I was just as interested in visiting department stores full of them hand-glazed ceramics, minimalist kitchen gadgets and other beautiful Scandinavian designs I’ve been to cultural sites like the Little Mermaid Statue and the Vasa Museum. (The best of both worlds? Copenhagen’s Design Museum.) But every time I went to checkout, I had to remind myself how painful it would be to wander home with a suitcase filled with housewares.

Then I remembered: The Internet! Cult Scandinavian design brands are more available in the US than ever. Here are a few that I’ll be adding on my wish-list this holiday season to end my regrets about shopping once and for all.

jeppe sørensen

Normann Copenhagen

The Danish brand is known for simple, ergonomic designs that turn everyday objects into minimalist masterpieces. Even the most useful of their products tend to come in a range of bright, playful hues, making them ideal for adding well-placed pops of color to your kitchen. I’m a fan of these aesthetically pleasing peelers, their foldable whisks and this wooden “washing-up” brush that is sure to make washing dishes less of a hassle.

What to buy: Needle peeler, $ 17.50 at Normann Copenhagen

Photographer Christian B


Bloomingville’s rustic, cozy housewares tend to fall on the “hygge” side of things. When you fill your cabinets with the finely patterned ceramics from the Danish design house, you will understand why Scandinavians are the happiest people in the world.

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